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Dynamic Solutions

SAPUI5 Applications, Web Dynpro Applications, Reports

Why dynamic solutions?

Our surrounding world is full of dynamic solutions, as it can simplifies our work and making it possible our projects to be implemented more faster.

The features, the plug-in functions can be attached to the applications as a building block. Mostly without any programming knowledge, simply from the configuration settings. Allowing a more even distribution of the modification tasks during the achievement of the projects. We can save significant development time and effort by using them.

We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure our clients get the very best result.

Briefly about the development of the dynamic solutions

With the appearance of the internet in the 90’s, the first static websites has been born too – which are still rarely found on the internet nowadays. These websites has no configuration interface, therefore we have to pay the development team for even the slightest changes too, who achieve the change requirement by changing the code line. It is an extremely time consuming process.

During the website initialization all of the website’s elements are loaded and all of the data calls run at the same time, therefore they are more slower by the initialization.

However, with the advancement of the technology and the evolution of the development needs due to the change new services has appeared offering the dynamic solutions for the website developments, called: WordPress, Joomla, etc.

With the usage of them we can build websites quite quiclky with excellent appearance  and performance too.

Misconceptions about SAPUI5 technology

The properties above can also be clearly matched with the current SAPUI5 applications. The initialization of the applications takes a lot of time, as all data is retrieved when applications are loaded. Because of this behavior can happen that, they do not show completely up-to-date data, as the data is not retrieved by user interaction. For example: by pressing the given button, the beginning retrieved data is displayed. We need to reload the application, when we want to reach the freshest data.

More misconceptions you may have heard about SAPUI5 applications

So far, we have felt that we have to make compromises on fioris applications in many cases. We would already heard that SAPUI5 technology is designed to perform simple tasks, simple calculations and search applications. There is no any possibility for complex application development. Because of the session-based Abap system, the applications can not keep the instances in real time, because when the backend call is completed, the session is closed and all stored instances are lost at the end. Therefore the SAPUI5 applications are not able to lock header data in real time.

However, our development team has refuted all these misconceptions!
We have rethought and reinterpreted the SAPUI5 concept and uniquely created a dynamic development framework, called
Dynamic SAP Maintenance Tool.

What is the benefit in Dynamic SAP Maintenance Tool?

→ no programming knowledge required to modify the applications which created inside the framework.

→ the functional side of the project can also make modifications with them (more even distribution of work)

– the components, the data calls and model system of the applications are much more transparent by the configuration interface

→ Faster loading time: no need all of the ui elements and model has loading at the initialization

→ the data retrieval is based on the user interaction

(favorable back end utilization as there is no unnecessary unused data collection)

→ real lock concept: wehave a possibility to lock the corresponding header by the standard lock concept → Maintenance Free Dynamic OData Solution: the comunication goes by adjustable data structure therefore there is no need to manually connect them by the gateway. We can easily connect to the existing dynamic SAP objects (SPI layer) → integrated authorization module: able to add accessibility for every: – UI element or implemented function – model operations separately (Retrieve, Update, Insert, Delete) – access to the views – access to the whole application

We are living in an accelerated world. The key factor in the success of our business is, how quickly we can respond to the changes. Our dynamic solutions built to be compatible with existing technologies.
(SAPUI5, Web Dynpro, Reports, etc)
No compromises.

Fiori applications with that much complexity?

With the Dynamic SAP Maintenance Tool we have a possibility to create a variety of applications in an SAPUI5 environment, often without any typed frontend code line. Watch the 9 parts video tutorials where we will create our Packaging Concept of Specification (PLM) application. The uniqueness of the presentation is that, during the entire development process, the application is implemented without any frontend code line being entered.


Dynamic World

Our Technologies​

Discover with us, what it means to work in a dynamic environment. How you can save development time and effort with our solutions which can be easily connected to the exist dynamic standard SAP products too.

LTCL Technology

Less Typed Code Line What can we win with it? Significant development time and effort. Of course, each application is different, but it mostly has the same features and plug-ins. You will experience what the effective programing means to us.

Maintenance Free OData

Have you got bored to suffer with OData settings during the developments? We will learn how easy to connect to the back end with the Maintenance Free Dynamic OData Solution. Without any typed program line even front end or back end side.

Features AddOn

It has never been easier to add new features into our applications. We will learn how to create different web applications without any programming knowledge, simply from the configuration settings.

Advanced Authorization

Complex accessibility for every: - UI element or implemented function - model operations separately (Retrieve, Update, Insert, Delete) - access to the views - access to the whole application

Real Lock Concept

Real Lock Technology Our applications have a real lock concept, therefore we can reach the same behavior than inside the Web Dynpro environment. We have a possibility to lock the corresponding header by the standard lock concept.

Up to date Technology

Are you sick and tired of reloading the applications to reach the up to date informations? Saved changes are automatically updated inside our applications without reloading the web browser. Therefore you can always work confidently with the freshest data.

Advanced Configuration

Doing something programatically it can be more frightening, than do it from configuration settings. We can easily create, move, copy/paste element between applications to take advantage of the reusability of the application components.

Version management

Can not decide which ui design is better for your application? Which would be a more user-friendly at the end? Do not drop your ideas, make a new version and continue the development!


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